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Okay, so this isn’t really an iPhone development issue per se, but it was driving me crazy nonetheless.  When I get into my car, my iPhone automatically connects to the car’s Bluetooth and all calls/music play through the car’s speakers.  This is great except for text message alerts:  since they’re so short, apparently the delay opening the Bluetooth link causes them to basically not get played at all.  Now I could disable Bluetooth completely on my phone but that seems like overkill, and I like the hands-free calling experience it provides.  What I needed was a quick way to toggle the iPhone’s speaker connection from my car to itself, and I finally found it!

Step 1:  When in your car and connected to Bluetooth, while your phone is locked, press the Home Button twice quickly.  You should see the screen below:

iPhone lock screen with AirPlay icon

iPhone lock screen with AirPlay icon

Step 2:  Tap the blue AirPlay icon (on the far right) to bring up the menu below:

iPhone lock screen with AirPlay choices

iPhone lock screen with AirPlay choices

Step 3:  Select “iPhone” instead of your car’s connection.  Now your text message alerts are back!  Simply reverse this quick process to pipe the audio back through your car’s speakers.

WARNING:  Do NOT text and drive!  I have provided this tip only so you can remain informed when text messages are received:  it’s up to YOU to follow the law and wait for an appropriate time to respond.  Be safe, everyone!

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  1. But you have to do this EVERY time. What we need is a way to set it once and ONLY alerts come from the phone speaker and streaming audio and phone calls come through the car’s speakers.

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