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After finally submitting my first app to Apple’s App Store, I figured I should pass on some helpful tips that I learned during the process.

  1. If you have an idea for an app, go ahead and create the application in iTunes Connect now.  You will have to upload some images for icons and screenshots, but those can be changed later.  You won’t have to submit your app’s binary yet.  Why go through all of this trouble so early on?  Because it prevents any other developers from taking your app’s name!
  2. When validating your app in Xcode 4 Organizer’s Archive tab, you may receive the following error message: To include newsstand features, the info.plist must include the uinewsstandapp=true. If your app was never designed to use newsstand features in the first place (like my app), then there is a simple solution (as described here):  simply delete the NewsstandIcon entry under the CFBundleIcon entry in your info.plist.  For some reason, Xcode adds that entry by default.
  3. If your app supports iPhone 5 and/or iPad displays, you must provide screenshots for all of these devices.  And at the time of this posting, you must still supply screenshots for the original 3.5″ Retina Display of the iPhone 4 and 4S too.

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